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Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic...

Free streamed classes:
 Tuesday, 5.30-6.30pm, live streamed through Facebook (@Vittoriayoga) for beginner yogis.

Paid streamed classes: Wednesday 6-7pm, live streamed through Zoom, for students with some yoga experience. Cost: £10/class, or £8/class for a block of 8.

At Updog Yoga, you’ll find a safe and supportive space to practise yoga in Bristol, England. Through challenging poses and dynamic sequences, you’ll grow physically stronger, more flexible and more aware of the coiled-up potential of your body. You’ll leave class feeling zingingly vibrant and ready for life.

Yoga helps you perform better at the things you love by easing you towards a state of equilibrium and mental clarity. When you’re practising, you're focused. Get caught up in your thoughts and you wobble. All parts of you are called uponbody, mind and something deeper (call it wisdom, intuition or your inner light). Steady, rhythmic breathing and fluid movement bind the practice and deepen your attention, keeping you grounded in the present moment. 

The great yoga sage Patanjali described yoga as "effort towards steadiness of mind". Some 1,700 years later, there's still no better description for this transformational discipline. By freeing your mind of its highs and lows, you experience your true nature, which is one of joyous balance. This is the incredible ‘yoga affect’, where stress and anxiety are reduced, and pain (physical and emotional) is eased. And you don’t need to be spiritual to enjoy all this good stuff—turn up with your mat and a positive attitude, and the rest will take care of itself!

During class, I take the time to assist students individually, giving options for each pose to make it both attainable and suitably challenging. I’m also passionate about offering yoga as a complement to running, cycling and other physically demanding sport, to bring length and flexibility to sore, over-worked muscles.

At Updog Yoga, we don’t take ourselves too seriouslywe bring a light, playful energy to class that makes the practice both accessible and enjoyable. Lessons are run to an ever-changing playlist, as music feels like the most natural invitation to move, and I love creating an ambient soundscape for my classes.

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About Vittoria D'Alessio

Vittoria founded Updog Yoga in 2017 when she settled in Bristol following a decade in Asia.

It was in Asia that Vittoria developed her passion for yoga. Her earliest lessons were led by an Indian yogi running classes from the function room of a condominium in tropical Singapore. Sadly for Vittoria, it was not love at first Chatturanga. Though she enjoyed aspects of the practice, she struggled with the most basic sequence—the all-important Sun Salutation. The 'snaky bit' in the middle put intolerable pressure on her lower back, and she was forced to question her suitability for yoga.

In South Korea, where Vittoria moved next, a wonderful Dutch teacher showed her safe variations to the troublesome movement, and her eyes were opened to the therapeutic possibilities of yoga and the importance of adapting poses to meet the needs of individual students. Free from pain, her yoga love affair took flight.

In Bali, Vittoria threw herself into a yoga full-immersion experience and began to appreciate the extraordinary link between movement, yogic breathing and general wellbeing. Back in Singapore, where she washed up again for the final leg of her Asian adventure, she met the wonderful and highly experienced teacher Sarah Powell, and for many years she basked in the passion, wisdom and playfulness that Sarah brought to her classes of alignment-focused Anusara yoga. Vittoria couldn't believe her luck when Sarah was persuaded to run a teacher-training programme. From there, she hasn't looked back.

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